What’s inside the Moscow Kremlin? (PHOTOS)

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It’s more than just the official residence of the Russian president!

The Moscow Kremlin is the iconic main landmark in Russia, and it’s very large. Check out what it hides inside its walls!

1. Grand Kremlin Palace

Grand Kremlin Palace.

This is the architectural complex inside the Kremlin walls, which includes the early 19th-century Palace, the Terem Palace (the Tsars residence in 17 th century), the Palace of Facets (the hall for ceremonies), the Armory and the Diamond Fund.

The Grand Kremlin Palace used to host the coronations of Russian emperors, and today it is the ceremonial residence of the President of Russia (his everyday residence in the building called Senate). It’s possible to get inside this palace (as well as the Palace of Facets and the Terem Palace) only with a tour group. (here’s how).

The Senate building on the Ivnovskaya Square.

The Armory is the main treasury of Russia, and everyone should visit it at least once in their lives! Stored here is the famous Vladimir Monomakh Cap, decorated with large precious stones. Also there are thrones, ancient weapons, armor and royal ceremonial clothing.

The Great Imperial Crown. The Diamond Fund.

Tickets are available on the official Kremlin’s Museums website. Here you can also visit the Diamond Fund collection of jewelry masterpieces and unique nuggets. Note that it requires a separate ticket,which can be purchased at the box office at the Alexandrovsky Garden.

2. Sobornaya Square

Sobornaya Square.

There are several ancient Orthodox churches of different eras on Sobornaya (Cathedral) Square, and everyone is worth a visit. Here is the 15th-century Dormition Catherdral (the oldest preserved building in Moscow!), majestic Cathedral of the Archangel (the Tsarists tomb), Cathedral of the Annunciation (the Royal court temple), Patriarchal Chambers (built in 17th century in the order of Patriarch Nikon who wanted a “royal-like” palace) and the Church of the Twelve Apostles.

Archangel Cathedral.

Now all these temples are museums, and you can easily step inside to see ancient Orthodox icons, pre-Revolution photos and maps of Kremlin, and more.

The Cathedral of the Annunciation in the Moscow Kremlin.

All the temporary exhibitions that are held inside the Kremlin usually happen the exhibition hall of the Patriarch's Palace and the exhibition hall of the Assumption Belfry.

Church of the Twelve Apostles.

Don’t miss the Ceremonial mounted parade of Horse and Foot Guard of the Presidential Regiment! It’s held on Saturdays at noon, from April to October. 

Tickets are available here.

3. Tsar Cannon & Tsar Bell

Tsar Cannon at the Kremlin.

With the ticket to the Sobornaya Square you can also see the Tsar Cannon & Tsar Bell. Both relics located on Ivanovskaya Square are the largest of their kind. The weight of the 16th century Tsar Cannon is as much as 40 tons! However, it never took part in battles. The four balls at its foot are also decorative.

The Tsar Bell at the Moscow Kremlin.

Not far from it on a stone pedestal is the Tsar Bell, made in Moscow in the mid-18th century. Its weight is almost 202 tons, with a height of 6.14 meters. It was cast in a specially dug hole on this square, but at the end of works, there occurred an awful fire in the Kremlin. As crews worked to put out the fire, the metal on the bell cracked, and one 11-ton piece broke off. The Tsar Bell spent about a century in the ground, and then it was lifted and erected near the tower of Ivan the Great.

4. State Kremlin Palace

State Kremlin Palace.

Don’t confuse it with the Grand Kremlin Palace! Built in 1961 for the congresses of the Communist party, it’s now one of the most popular concert halls in Moscow! Here are held music performances, theatrical plays, and the main New Year “Yolka” for kids. And of course, if you like to see the Kremlin Ballet – you know where to find it!  

Check the events on the official website of the State Kremlin Palace.  

5. Arsenal


In front of the State Kremlin Palace there’s Arsenal of the beginning of 18th century. It was rebuilt several times, receiving its current appearance in 1828. In fact, it is a warehouse of military trophies and weapons. Located here today is the casern of the Presidential regiment and administrative offices. They won't let you inside, but along the facade of the building you can see guns brought back after the war with Napoleon, as well as Russian cannons from the 17-18 centuries.

6. Poteshny Palace

Kremlin administration buildings south of Troitskaya Tower.

The Kremlin’s Poteshny (Amusement) Palace is hidden beyond the Kremlin’s western wall. It’s actually the only preserved residential boyar (Rus nobles in mid-17 century) chambers in Russia. Nowadays it is the seat of the Kremlin’s military headquarters, so it’s not possible to get in.

7. Tainitsky Garden

Kremlin gardens.

This cozy park is located within the Kremlin walls near the banks of the Moskva River. On hot days, you can spend time here, admiring the flowers, trees, relaxing by the fountain with a peacock. Throughout the centuries it lost many monuments and architectural forms. Now the garden is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

8. Senate

 Kremlin Senate.

The palace was built in 1776-1787 as the Senate’s residence. In Soviet times, the government was located here, and today it’is the “working" residence of the Russian president. The building’s interiors were rebuilt several times, and for now, just the round and oval halls have kept their historic look.

Presidential office.

The presidential residence includes his and his assistants’ offices, the presidential library, and rooms for official meetings. You can only get inside by official invitation. 

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