A photographic journey across ALL Russian regions (PHOTOS)

The photo project ‘Russia. A Flight Through the Ages’ shows the variety of Russian landscapes and authenticity of its republics, as well as its most remote areas. Enjoy the journey!

Only a very few Russians have managed to visit all the 85 Russian regions in their lifetime. And those who’ve “checked in” at just half of them are considered lucky! Despite the improbability, everyone would be excited to get a glimpse of how people live in the most remote places or in republics with their ethnic specificity. 

On the eve of Russia's national Unity Day, a national holiday celebrated on November 4, REGION Group of Companies arranged a project called ‘Russia. A Flight Through the Ages’. Their goal was to let people go on a journey throughout the whole country and explore our vast and beautiful land.

From thousands of photos by famous photographers and local amateurs, the organizers chose about 200 photos for the project, issued a paperback album with all of them and arranged exhibitions featuring selected ones from each of Russia’s 85 regions. In Moscow the exhibition is currently being held at Sheremetyevo airport. 

“These photos reflect the diversity of Russia and its multi-nationality, multi-confessionality and the originality of its nature - from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad,” says Yury Korotkov, the project’s curator.

We’ve put some of the most stunning photos for you below! 

1. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Arctic Ulakhan-Sis mountain range 

2. Chukotka Autonomous Territory. Northern lights in the city of Anadyr 

3. Kamchatka Territory. Fall at Tolbachik volcano

4. Republic of Buryatia. A young nomad girl

5. Irkutsk Region. On the Ogoi island of Baikal Lake

6. Krasnoyarsk Territory. A reindeer herder from Taymyr Peninsula 

7. Republic of Kalmykia. Kalmyk Bactrian camel during sunset

8. Rostov Region. Don River during sunset

9. Republic of Dagestan. The Andi village in the Caucasian mountains

10. Republic of Karelia. The Ruskeala mountain park

11. Nenets Autonomous Territory. A reindeer herder in his tent

12. Karachay-Cherkessia Republic. Shoana Church 

13. Stavropol Territory. Summer in Stavropol 

14. Voronezh Region. Divnogorsky Uspensky Cave-Monastery

15. Kostroma Region. Fall in Kostroma

16. Moscow Region. The town of Kolomna

17. Volgograd Region. Watermelon festival

18. St. Petersburg. The Novo-Konyushenny Bridge 

19. Novgorod Region. A traditional Russian izba

20. Kaliningrad Region. The Curonian Spit

For more stunning photos, visit the project’s website: www.rossiapoletcherezveka.ru

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