Russia at sunrise: 20 breathtaking PHOTOS

Vladimir Sergeev/Sputnik
Across Russia’s vast expanses, there are so many different urban and rural sights that even the sun seems to rise in a different, though terrific, way in every place.

1. Close up of an epic sunrise in Moscow.

2. Green Krylatskoye district in Moscow meets dawn.

3. Moscow City business center under both sun and moon light.

4. First sun rays reflect in the golden domes of the Kremlin cathedrals.

5. The Moscow State University illuminated by the dawn sun.

6. Sakhalin Island’s very eastern sunrise.

7. Vladivostok is one of the first cities to meet the new day in Russia.

8. A winter sunrise over Novosibirsk.

9. Dawn over Crimea.

10. Sun rises over a monastery in Tver Region.

11. A new day at Swan Lake in the Altai mountains.

12. Ancient walls of the Tula Kremlin meeting the dawn.

13. A foggy sunrise over the 12th-century Intercession Church on the Nerl River in Vladimir Region.

14. The first sunny rays on the Kara Sea in the Arctic Ocean as seen from the Sedov sailing ship during its round-the-world expedition.

15. Petersburg drawbridges rise as the sun rises.

16. A frosty sunrise of wintery St. Petersburg, with the St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the backdrop.

17. Kirovsk alpine ski resort in Murmansk Region meets the first light.

18. The very first sunrise after a Polar night.

19. Dawn over the Volga River in Nizhny Novgorod.

20. Mashuk Mountain in the Caucasus illuminated by the first sun’s morning rays.

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