Ever seen graffiti in the forest?

Evgeny Сhes
This Russian artist is creating lifelike animals without harming the environment.

Moscow-based artist Evgeny Ches is a big fan of CelloGraff, a new type of graffiti art. Instead of spraying walls and the sides of buildings, the technique uses a sheet of cellophane stretched between two trees - or other objects - as a canvas.

“At some point I started painting on a plastic wrap. I saw on the internet how two guys from France painted on a plastic wrap in the city so I decided to try it – I was interested,” the street artist told Russia Beyond. “I immediately came up with the idea of painting my graffiti on plastic wrap, not in the street but in nature. I thought that it could turn out to be a very interesting photo, where urban art style will be in harmony with natural landscapes.”

He started painting animals in a bid to increase his audience, whereas before Ches’ fans were mainly only interested in graffiti art. Sometimes he walks three hours to find a perfect place for his CelloGraff. The artist also takes them down after a while so he doesn’t pollute the environment.

“Cellograffiti is a good thing because you can quickly create the wall in a place where you need it,” he explains. “You can make some art during a picnic with friends - don’t forget to put plastic in the garbage.”

Ches’ animals look incredibly real, but what about these ultra realistic paintings that look like photos.

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