How Russian artists visualized the quarantine & isolation (PICS)

Ales Kochevnik
The everyday life and routines, dreams about the future and other themes that 'inspire' contemporary artists these days.

How do Russian artists spend their time in quarantine? Like everyone else, they sit at home or in the studio. But unlike others, they continue to create art, often with an eye on the current circumstances. Russia Beyond presents a collection of the most timely artistic responses — from a melancholy view out the apartment window to dreams of the future. 

1. Georgy Litichevsky. 💜 Cosmos 

2. Tanya Pioniker. Acedia

3. Daria Konovalova-Infante. From the series “The secret life of things”

4. Ivan Tuzov. From the series “Quarantine”

5. Andrey Shkarin. From the series “On the gradual, uncertain disentanglement of conscious citizens from lockdown measures”

6. MishMash Group. “When this battery runs out, the Internet will stop pestering me with ads for medical masks”

7. Andrey Bilzho. The great Russian writer and medic Anton Chekhov in self-isolation tries to resuscitate a dead seagull

8. Andrey Shkarin. From the series “My garden”

9. Anastasia Vermeer. Without viewers

10. Alexander Florensky. “View from my window”

11. Ales Kochevnik. From the series “Under the blanket”

12. Aidan Salakhova. New saints

13. Vladimir Potapov. From the series “Chronicles of isolation”

14. Valery Chtak. Only the dead don’t die

15. Andrey Bilzho. Inspired

16. Diana Wouba. Imaginary landscape

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