Birch trees in Russian art (PICS)

Tretyakov gallery
The birch is Russia’s main tree and a rightful symbol of the Russian soul. And Russian artists’ hearts have always ached for them, be they bursting with greenery in summer or faded in winter.

Alexei Savrasov. The Rooks Have Come Back, 1871

Ivan Shishkin. Birch Grove, 1878

Arkhip Kuindzhi. Birch Grove, 1879

Isaac Levitan. Birch Grove, 1885-1889

Ilya Repin. Birch Trees. Sunny Day (year unknown)

Yefim Volkov. Golden Autumn (aka Landscape with River), 1893

Mikhail Nesterov. Two Frets, 1905

Pyotr Petrovichev. Birch Trees, 1907

Konstantin Yuon. The March Sun, 1915

Vasily Baksheev. The Blue Spring, 1930

Petr Konchalovsky. Spring Day, 1955

Nikolai Anokhin. Winter. Frost and Sun, 1999

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