Girl from Perm creates AWESOME surrealist self-portraits (PHOTOS)

Alexandra Chertulova
This self-taught graphic artist has an insane Instagram account, full of unreal transformations, as her face and body take on a life of their own in the fantastical realities she creates.

A mermaid’s tail made of leaves, drinking tea with a massive octopus tentacle, tin cans for eyes - these are, perhaps, the most down-to-earth fantasies on Aleksandra Chertulova’s Instagram page. The young woman is an expert Photoshop user and creates the most amazing self-portraits. 

Chertulova was born in 1999 in the small town of Uralsky, in the Perm territory. Three years ago, she moved to Perm. The 21-year-old does not possess a specialized degree, but she has loved fantasizing ever since she was a child. Her account, where she combines three of her favorite pastimes, has almost 70,000 followers. 

“For me, the inspiration comes from the entire world around me! People, events, nature, places, music, movies, books and famous artists. My head fills up with all these different images and thoughts, which gradually begin to form into a coherent idea,” she says on her page. Here are some of her brilliant works!

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