5 most POPULAR characters on Russian Instagram

Natalya Nosova
From “successful” businessmen with online webinars to moms to Russian rappers – find out what the most popular characters on Russian Instagram look like, what they post and how they make money.

1. Businessman (Infogypsy)

He has a girlfriend who looks like a supermodel, several villas and an expensive car. He works no more than an hour a day, knows everything about passive income and keeps his Instagram account only to share his knowledge with subscribers - of course, at their request and out of sheer “kindness”. The posts themselves do not contain much useful information, but supposedly more can be learned through his guides and webinars. Which, of course, are not free - after all, to become a millionaire, one must learn how to invest first.

  • His profile says that he has been working in investment for at least five years and knows how to invest money.
  • There is a photo with a car that costs more than 5 million rubles (over $65,000).
  • There are also several “serious” pictures with him in a business suit and with a laptop.
  • A generous selection of selfies in travel clothes, with a clear preference for luxury brands, such as Gucci and Fendi are also conveniently posted.
  • Rich people can afford expensive holidays, so there are a lot of photos from places like Bali and Dubai.

2. Travel blogger

They are very good with Photoshop and know how to remove unwanted people from the frame and what filter to apply so that everyone will rush to book the hotel they’ve just been to. They post pictures from the same locations throughout the year to create the impression of an endless journey, while in fact they spend their time selling filters and photo editing courses online.

  • Their profile lists the countries visited (preferably with a string of emoji flags).
  • An unnaturally bright filter is applied to all photos.
  • They describe any forsaken spot on Earth as a “unique place with an inimitable atmosphere”.
  • There are invariably photos of themselves in evening attire taken against the backdrop of mountains, lavender fields and old castles.
  • In pictures from hotels, they are always in a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi with a view of the city.

3. Model and influencer

This is the female version of the ‘infogypsy’. It is these ladies who, several times a week, go to a gym with panoramic views of Moscow or St. Petersburg, wear only designer clothes and dine out in the most expensive restaurants. Under selfies showcasing their smooth skin and photos of themselves in bathing suits, they share their thoughts about motivation, about how to make wishes (apparently, there are a billion ways of doing it and all of them work, trust them!) and at the same time advertising showrooms, facial cleansing brushes or training courses on how to create better looks.

  • A neutral beige filter is applied to all photos.
  • At least once a week, there is a photo from a gym.
  • And twice a week, lift looks and photos from restaurants are posted.
  • They must meet the following physical requirements: long legs, plump lips (can be the result of lip augmentation) and thick brows (can be drawn), as well as a sun tan (can be from a sun bed).
  • She produces or advertises something of her own: cosmetics from China, skincare guides, or webinars on how to “find and love oneself”.

4. Mom

The majority of the richest Instagrammers in Russia are, in fact, Instagram Moms. They are experts on how to feed a child, how to save a marriage and earn millions in the process. They advertise everything - from cosmetics and beauty salons to banks, private clinics and English language schools. Meanwhile, moms who are still in the process of attracting millions of subscribers, offer services like those of mobile nail technicians.

  • A “pregnant photoshoot” with the husband embracing her and kissing her belly is a must.
  • For the first 40 days (sometimes up to a year) after giving birth, she covers her baby’s face with a sticker on photos to protect him or her from evil eyes. 
  • She generates dozens of posts on how to lose weight quickly after giving birth.
  • There are 50+ photos with balloons from her child’s every birthday.
  • And a billion photos with her baby, who for the first time laughed/learnt to hold a spoon/walked/spoke, etc.
  • From early childhood, she dresses her offspring in the same brands that she wears herself, so that the child is “a spitting image of the mommy”.

5. Viner and TikToker

They create “funny” sketches out of any daily routine or habit, be it taking the rubbish out or liking to drink too much. The result is not always funny, but is very close to real life (regular people live). They left school a long time ago, so are desperate to get rid of the status of a Viner, releasing their own clips and shows.

  • They release at least two videos a week advertising a hairdryer, potato chips or toilet paper.
  • Videos of them making silly or angry faces sit next to sexy photos of themselves in swimsuits or evening attire.
  • At least once a month they run giveaways, with a car/an iPhone/a certificate to a cosmetics shop as the prize.
  • A photo of themselves next to a cool car is a must, in order to show that with short videos one can earn enough to afford at least a Lamborghini.
  • They make sure to take part in all the latest “trends” and “challenges”, be it blanket dressing or dancing to songs trending on TikTok or taking a Coke and Mentos bath.

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