Moscow metro in Russian art (PICS)

The capital subway is now considered an ordinary form of public transport, but it’s still an entire underground world with its own life, legends, secrets and, of course, incredible station designs, which has made it famous around the world. Take a look at how various Russian artists saw the Moscow Metro.

Alexander Labas. In metro, 1935

Grigory Shegal. On the Escalator, 1941

Natalya Nesterova. Metro, 1980

Sergey Chesnokov-Ladyzhensky. Metro, 1985

Vladimir Jankilevskij. Triptych No 14. Self-Portrait. (Dedicated to My Father), 1987

Alisa Zarzhevskaya. Metro, 2005-2008

Alexander Vikhrov. Metro, 2010

Vladimir Manyukhin. Metro, 2010

Alena Dergileva. From the series ‘People of metro’

Alena Dergileva. From the series ‘Moscow’

Vladimir Gerasimov. Kropotkinskaya metro station. Winter, 2007

Semyon Agroskin. Don’t Lean on Door, 2018

Azam Atakhanov. Artist in Metro, 2018

Yekaterina Kornilova. Metro Worker, 2018

Alexander Trifonov. Exit, 2018

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