15 RARE relics of Russian tsars before the Romanov dynasty (PHOTOS)

Moscow Kremlin Museums
The fall of the Rurik dynasty of Russian tsardom shocked the nation, as it was Ruriks who founded the Russian state. The death of the only crown prince Tsarevich Dmitry resulted in the Time of Troubles, anarchy and Polish intervention into Russia. Here are the last treasures that belonged to the Rurik princes and tsars.

1. The Crown of Kazan, 1553–1558

Belonged to Tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible)

2. Orb, late 16th — early 17th century

3. Scepter, late 16th — early 17th century

4. Drinking ladle

Made by order of Tsar Ivan Vasilievich from gold taken at Polotsk in 1563

5. Cockerel cup, late 15th — 1st third of the 16th century

Belonged to Grand Prince Ivan III

6. Cover of the Shrine of Tsarevich Dmitry, 1628-1630

7. A hat of Tsarevich Dmitry, late 16th century

8. Throne, late 16th — early 17th century

A gift from Shah Abbas I of Iran to Tsar Boris Godunov in 1604

9. Altar Cross, 1599

A donation from Tsar Boris Godunov and his family to the Chudov Monastery of the Moscow Kremlin

10. Medal commemorating the coronation of False Dmitry I

Minted from the original early 17th-century stamp

11. Trophy shield, 16th century

Belonged to the Lithuanian Mstislavsky family and added the Russian tsar treasury in 1622

12. Hussar saddle, 16th century

A gift from Polish King Sigismund III to Tsar Boris Godunov

13. Plate, 1561

A gift from Tsar Ivan the Terrible to his wife Tsarina Maria in 1561

14. Ritual vessel, 16th century

From the burial of Tsar Ivan the Terrible in the Archangel Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin

15. Patriarch’s Panagia, 1603

A richly decorated pendant with the image of Our Lady

The exhibition ‘Decline of the Dynasty: The Last Rurikids and the False Dmitry’ is on display in the Moscow Kremlin Museums until July 25, 2021.

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