Vladimir Lenin in Soviet fine art (PICS)

The Soviet ‘Leniniana’ of 1910s-1980s combines an enormous amount of images of the revolutionary leader. Just the Lenin museum alone contains 470 paintings featuring him. Let’s take a look at how the Soviets portrayed their main “god”.

Isaac Brodsky. V. I. Lenin and Manifestation,  1919

Ivan Parkhomenko. V. I. Lenin at the age of four, 1920

Emil Wiesel. V.I. Lenin in Emigration. 1905-1907, 1920-s.

Mikhail Avilov. V.I. Lenin in Smolny (in makeup). October 1917, 1923

Isaac Brodsky. V.I.Lenin on the Red Square, 1924

Isaac Brodsky. V.I. Lenin against the background of Smolny,  1925 

Unknown artist. Poster “Lenin – leader of the international proletariat”, 1925

Fedor Lepeshkin. V.I. Lenin in the mountains of Switzerland, 1925

Yakov Ruklevsky. “October” movie poster , 1927

Isaac Brodsky. V.I. Lenin in Smolny, 1930

Alexander Gerasimov. V.I. Lenin on the podium,  1930

Nikolai Sysoev. V.I. Lenin and N.K. Krupskaya among the peasants in the village of Gorki in 1921, 1949

Vladimir Serov. Walkers with Lenin, 1950

Peter Belousov. “We’re going the other way!”, 1951

Ivan Kosmin. Portrait of V.I.Lenin, 1953

Leonid Shmatko. V.I. Lenin at the GOELRO [electrification] map, 1957

Peter Vasilyev. Portrait of V.I. Lenin, 1959

Oleg Vishnyakov. V.I. Lenin at Kazan University,  1961

Viktor Ivanov. Poster “Lenin is the leader”, 1965

Vladimir Yugay. In Shushenskoye (V.I. Lenin and N.K. Krupskaya), 1969

Peter Belousov. Lenin is working on the book “Materialism and Empirio-criticism” in the Geneva Library, 1978

Russia Beyond thanks the State Historical Museum for the images. Its newly opened virtual Lenin museum gathered more than 100 thousand documents and art items devoted to Vladimir Lenin and are available in Russian and English.  

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