Moscow NOW & THEN: Instagrammer revives history in revealing PHOTOS

A Russian Instagram page has a series of juxtaposed archive photos of Moscow locations with current snapshots - and sometimes they are absolutely unrecognizable.

22-year-old photographer and history addict Petr Posmakov already has more than 50 thousand followers on his Instagram page ‘nowandthenrussia’ primarily thanks to his collages of the same places photographed in the late 19th - early 20th century and now. He’s even made animations showing how the buildings, streets and even people have changed.

Kremlin in 1908 and 2021 (view from Ilyinka Street)

Red Square in 1913 and 2021

St. Basil’s Cathedral in 1913 and 2021

Sretenka Street in 1901 and 2021

Lebyazhy Lane in 1913 and 2021

Khitrov Lane in 1900 and 2021

Ponizov Mansion at the beginning of the 1900s and now

(Art Nouveau style became outdated and, in the 1910s, a new owner changed the decor) 

Andronikov Viaduct over Yauza River in different years and now

Novinsky Boulevard in 1958 and 2021

The Annunciation Cathedral demolished by the Soviets and the House of Architects built instead

One of Stalin’s skyscrapers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1955 and now

Smolenskaya Street in 1913 and 2021 

The Conception Convent in the 1920s and now

Lanes of Ostozhenka Street in the 1910s and now

Starosadsky Lane in 1913 and 2021

Myasnitskaya Street in 1912 and now

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