15 paintings by Alexey Venetsianov, Russia’s main Romanticism artist (PICS)

Tretyakov Gallery
He was one of the first men of Russian art to discover the incredible beauty and warmth of ordinary peasant life. He found inspiration in it and gave an impulse to a whole next generation. 

Almost 50 years before the famous Wanderers artists broke the rules of the bourgeois salon painting, it was the beginning of the 19th century when Alexey Venetsianov took a glimpse on the peasant world through the prism of Romanticism. He made it a matter of his art alongside the idyllic rural landscape and found a special charming universe in it. Absolutely incredible sense of space, light and calmness, that is what all Venetsianov’s works are about.

Showing Russian realities and being a classic Russian artist, he ranks the same place in world art as European romanticism painters. Back home, he has so many followers who turn to portraying peasant life, that art experts even define them as a separate artistic school, the Venetsianov school. 

1. The Farmer with Folded Arms, 1810s

2. Spring, On Ploughed Land, 1820s

3. Summer, Reaping, 1820s

4. On a Threshing Floor, 1821

5. Sleeping Herd-Boy, 1823-24

6. That is, those Fathers Dinner! 1824

7. The Reapers, 1825

8. Peasant Boy Putting on Bast Sandals, 1820s

9. Girl in a Shawl, 1820s

10. Bathers, 1829

11. Seeing off the Recruit, 1830s

12. Sleeping Girl, 1840s

13. Diana Dressing, 1947

14. Fortune-telling, 1842

15. Meeting at the Well, 1843

An exhibition of Alexey Venetsianov works is on display at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow until February 6, 2022. 

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