Children in Russian art (PICS)

Hermitage; Tretyakov Gallery
Idyllic shepherdesses, barefoot peasant girls and spoiled noble offspring: Russian artists simply adored painting children. Here are the most remarkable examples from the last two centuries of Russian art.

Vasily Tropinin. Portrait of Arseny Tropinin, the artist’s son, 1818

Vasily Tropinin. Boy with a Goldfinch (1825), and Boy with a Dead Goldfinch (1829) 

Orest Kiprensky. Girl Wearing a Poppy Wreath, 1819

Alexey Venetsianov. There you go - Some Dinner! 1824

Alexey Venetsianov. Zakharka, 1825

Alexey Venetsianov. Sleeping Shepherd Boy, 1823-24

Karl Bryullov. Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna with her daughter Maria, 1830

Karl Bryullov. Daughters of Pacini, Giovannina and Amazilia, 1832

Vasily Perov. Boy Craftsman, 1865

Vasily Perov. Troika. Apprentice Workmen Carrying Water, 1866

Konstantin Makovsky. The Little Organ Grinders Near A Fence In Winter, 1868

Konstantin Makovsky. Children Running From a Thunderstorm, 1872 

Konstantin Makovsky. Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia, 1905

Vladimir Makovsky. Peasant Children, 1890

Vasily Vereshchagin. Children of the Solon Tribe, 1869-1870

Ilya Repin. On the border. V.A. Repina with Children Walks Along the Border, 1879

Ilya Repin. Dragonfly. Painter's Daughter’s Portrait, 1884

Ivan Shishkin. Children In the Forest, 1882

Valentin Serov. Girl With Peaches, 1887

Valentin Serov. Children. Sasha and Yura Serov, 1899

Carl Lemoch. New Family Member, 1885

Carl Lemoch. Two Young Peasant Girls, 1892

Carl Lemoch. Varka, 1893

Mikhail Nesterov. The Vision to the Youth Bartholomew. 1889—1890

Alexei Stepanov. Children On the Brushwood, 1899

Zinaida Serebryakova. At Breakfast, 1914

Alexander Deineka. Future Pilots, 1938

Fyodor Reshetnikov. Low Marks Again, 1952

Arkady Plastov. Spring, 1954

Tatiana Yablonskaya. Morning, 1954

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