10 school memories that every Russian can relate to (PICS)

School days are special, from fashion experiments to teachers dancing awkwardly at the prom. These pictures will undoubtedly make Russians misty-eyed with nostalgia.

1. Turning up with flowers on your first day at school and realizing what you’ve got yourself into

2. Trying to put your exciting summer holiday into words. Fail!

Essay on how I spent my summer. Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll. Marked “2” (unacceptable)

3. Etching your legacy into the school’s history (literally)

“Parta” is the Russian word for  “school desk”

4. Snow, rain, and ice means simply getting to school can be a challenge in itself.

5. Tuning into one’s creative side to pass the time during lessons

6. When you just couldn’t wait for the bell to ring during gym class

7. Experimenting with fashion...and sometimes going overboard

8. Doing one’s best to learn something under the watchful eye of determined teachers!

9. And celebrating your scientific achievements like a boss

10. Perhaps most memorable of all - dancing at the Last Bell and prom together with those teachers who were counting the days to your graduation

And then crying your eyes out after actually leaving school - it makes no sense!

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