How Russian students celebrated graduation in 2019 (PHOTOS)

Alexander Avilov/Moskva Agency
In Russia, graduation balls are traditionally organized in the last days of June. All graduates, from schools to universities, try to make their “goodbye-party” the most remarkable event ever! Here’s how it all went down in 2019.

1. Scarlet Sails, St. Petersburg

For many school graduates, getting to the Scarlet Sails is a dream! This is the most spectacular light show on water in Russia, the culmination of which is the appearance of the fabulous ship under scarlet sails on the Neva river.

2. Kremlin, Moscow

Traditionally, the best graduates of Russian schools are invited to the Kremlin. The graduation party takes place right on the Red Square and lasts until the morning. That fantastic salute is seen even outside Moscow!

3. Gorky Park, Moscow

Thousands of Moscow’s school graduates usually end up at Gorky Park, where they party until the early morning!

4. High school, Vladivostok

No doubt, the actual graduation ball is the most important evening for a teen.  Most girls spend months to find the right dress. They want to look like a princess.

5. School ball, Chita

Long evening dress and a crown? Why not, after all, a graduation ball doesn’t come around often!

6. Red carpet, Saki

Graduation night here usually turns into the all-city theatrical show, inviting not only students, but also their relatives and friends to take part in it.

7. Cadets, Moscow

The only Russian Defense Ministry Boarding School for Girls cadet corps held a joint graduation ceremony with Moscow Suvorov Military Music College this year.

8. University farewell, Moscow

At the Moscow State University, former students get their diploma wearing old-school black mantles.

9. Military girls and boys, Moscow

Graduation from military universities in Russia carries the tradition of drinking champagne from a helmet and throwing an ex-student into the air. Not at the same time, hopefully!

10. Paratroopers, Ryazan

You wouldn’t believe it, but this is a graduation event, too. Why is this student holding burning log? Because this is part of the graduation ceremony at the Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Command School. Besides the usual ceremony, graduates demonstrate their skills: combat techniques, weapons handling, and parachuting.

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