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It seems ‘Russian something’ is a common thing in many English crossword puzzles. We can judge this by simply browsing through the most popular crossword search queries on Google and finding ‘Russian country house clue’ or a ‘Russian river clue’. Here are some clues that may come in handy while doing your crosswords.

1) "Terrible" Russian 


2) Russian ruler 

tsar or czar (read more about the correct spelling of this word here.)

3) Russian river

Volga, Lena, Don (our article about the most amazing Russian rivers explains more.)

4) ‘Black Russian’ cocktail ingredient


5) Russian country house


6) Russian currency 


7) Russian flag color

Blue/red/white (find out more about how the flag appeared here)

8) Russia-China border city/river


9) Cities of Siberia

Novosibirsk (the biggest), Omsk (second biggest), Chita, Irkutsk, Tomsk

10) “The Russia House” author

John le Carre

11) “The Russia House” actors

Sean Connery/ Michelle Pfeiffer

12) Soviet counterintelligence agency/ Soviet spies/ James Bond's nemesis/ "From Russia With Love" organization


13) Soviet bad guys/ USSR intelligence agency


14) State led by Lenin/ Russia until '91/ The Evil Empire/ Superpower/ Former Russia


15) Soviet rulers

(Vladimir) Lenin/ (Joseph) Stalin/ (Nikita) Khrushchev/ (Leonid) Brezhnev/ (Yuri) Andropov/ (MIkhail) Gorbachev

16) Russian rulers

(Boris) Yeltsin/ (Vladimir) Putin

17) First man in space 

(Yuri) Gagarin

18) First woman in space

(Valentina) Tereshkova

19) Soviet prison camp


20) Ulan-... (City in Siberia)


21) Main Protagonist of Crime and Punishment


22) Tolstoy

War and Peace/Anna Karenina

23) Russian for Peace, to Tolstoy / Russian for War, to Tolstoy

Mir / Voina

24) Cyrillic for USSR


25) Popular Russian girl’s name

Olga, Natasha, Tatyana, Ekaterina, Alexandra, Svetlana

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