Malevich’s artwork? No, it’s a Moscow campus by David Adjaye! (PHOTOS)

Stanislav Timokhin / Moscow School of Management
This building in the west of Moscow looks like the Suprematism painting from above, but actually, it’s a business school. Just take a look inside it.

1. When you look at the campus of the Moscow School of Management in Skolkovo from above, you could be mistaken for seeing a giant projection of Kazimir Malevich Suprematism.

2. The campus building is, in fact, constructed in the shape of a circle, on which 3 different rectangle-shaped annexations, and round structures resembling blots, lay. Outside the building’s circular base, you’ll see the straight lines of pedestrian walkways that branch out like rays.

3. The idea to build such an unusual campus building arose from the founders of the Skolkovo business school in 2006 and came to life thanks to British architect David Adjaye, who has also designed the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington and the Museum of Modern Art in Denver. 

4. He was inspired by the works of the “father” of Suprematism and the author of the Black Square, famous Russian artist Kazimir Malevich. Thus, the architect decided to demonstrate the innovative nature of the school. Moreover, the abstract artist’s grave is located in the school’s district. Adjaye subordinated the shape of the building and its interior to avant-garde geometry, and managed to erect an entire ‘city’ under one roof back in 2010.

5. An escalator takes you from the main entrance to the central "square" of this “city” – a white hall with "live" walls and real greenery. There’s a complex irrigation system organized within the wall, made to create a homely atmosphere in the school, as many students often spend the whole week at the campus. 

6. The main area, which is called ‘The Disc’, is divided into seven educational clusters, named after countries and parts of the world: Brazil, Russia, India, China, Singapore, Africa and Europe, each with their own color codes. The classrooms are also titled after cities: you can listen to a lecture in ‘Vladivostok’ or take an exam in ‘Rio de Janeiro’. 

7. You’ll face interesting art objects in the Suprematism style in every part of the campus: such as the sitting "red men" and "people-contours", located in a few of the campus clusters.

8. Most of the students here are budding entrepreneurs and aspiring top managers, 25 to 50 years old, and mostly from the BRICS and CIS countries. They get their MBA here, learning how to better manage projects and startups.  After all, many of them start their own business right here at the school. The campus also has a souvenir shop (although, who would buy a notebook with school logo for $50!?), as well as a few cafés across the campus.

9. From The Disc you can walk up to the Pamir and Tian Shan hotels – one of the rectangle buildings, where students live during their studies. The other rectangle building is a business center with a fitness club. 

10. From any part of The Disc you can get to the roof, which is covered with artificial grass. After checking the weather forecast for good weather, you can jog on a round circuit, which has a special coating when it’s warm, or simply relax at the cozy café with a panoramic view of the adjacent park!

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