21 Soviet sports posters to get you motivated! (PICS)

Victor Koretsky, 1957
Soviet propaganda took pride in the country’s athletes and ignited public passion for sports.
  1. Be hardy, if you want to be healthy!

  1. Eat diversely, regularly and moderately. Getting fatter means getting older!
  1. Comrades, get ready for exercising!
  1. Sport is health, will power and bravery!
  1. Sport is health and beauty!
  1. You may not be a champion, but you must be in good shape!
  1. Athletes, fight for new achievements in sport!
  1. Railroad workers, become members of “Locomotive” club, and start playing sports!
  1. Sun, air, and water multiply energy for labor!
  1. Collective farmer, be athletic!
  1. Soviet athletes are the pride of our country!
  1. Be prepared for labor and defense!
  1. Towards new victories in sports and labor!
  1. The USSR is a mightly sports power!
  1. Soviet football of the highest level!
  1. Do you want to be like me? Exercise!
  1. Youth, go skiing!
  1. Youth, get on skates!
  1. We must set every world record!
  1. Greetings to Soviet athletes!

21.We stand for mass sportsmanship in downhill skiing!

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