This is how the Soviet authorities undermined God, priests, and religion

From the moment the communists seized power in Russia, they waged a ruthless and frantic war against religion. By replacing faith in God with faith in socialism, they wanted to win the hearts and minds of the people.

“Religion is poison. Save the children!

The struggle against religion is a struggle for socialism!!!

There is no God!

They are helping capitalism and interfering with the workmen. Get out the way!

Versus holidays, truancies and drinking. For hard work

Women! Break away from the religious traps! Build socialism!”

“Everybody knows: where there is work, priests and drunks are equally damaging

This is my beloved Son, with whom I am very pleased

Don’t be deceived by priests! Free yourself from the religious dope!”

“Round dance

Cross and tractor

The priest is pushing for the old times. No chance!”

Here you can read about how the Orthodox Church survived during the USSR.

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