How Soviet propaganda mocked the U.S., NATO and the CIA

Viktor Govorkov
Some believe that Soviet anti-American political cartoons are not outdated even today...

The U.S. is squeezing its NATO partners to the last drop.

“Daily hours-long TV propaganda of violence, cruelty and filth is poisoning the souls of the Western youth, and is significantly contributing to an increase in crime in the capitalist states.”

“Washington’s dove of peace. Although they are sneakily disguising it, they will not hide its sleazy gut!”

“How the U.S. imagines the U.K.: Attention!”

The U.S. is coming to Europe with the “American way of life.”

The cartoon shows how Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe under CIA instructions sing about provocations, slander, sabotage and incitement.

“Myth and reality” 

“Phrases (peace, protection, disarmament) and… bases”

“A history of American civilization: A human in an animal skin and… an animal in human skin”

While the speaker in the cartoon screams from the rostrum: “They are violating human rights!!!” the CIA, the FBI and numerous pro-American Latin American dictators hide behind his back. 

According to this Soviet cartoon, the CIA controls the “media of the free world” (ABC, Newsweek, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Radio Liberty, Time, Stern).

“The Russians want to conquer the Persian Gulf!”

“One more turn...”

“In the U.S., only one person is being served at this restaurant” While Schools, Libraries, Art and Health sit with empty plates, all waiters attend to just one person - War. 

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