How the USSR promoted international friendship

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Internationalism was one of the most effective ideological weapons that the Soviets used. It helped them to earn the goodwill of many ethnic groups living in the USSR, as well as to make friends and allies around the globe.

“Long live friendship between nations!”

“May Soviet-Chinese friendship last forever!”

“For Friendship between nations! For peaceful cooperation!”

“Long live Soviet-Polish friendship!”

“USSR-Vietnam: The distances are great, but our hearts are close”

“Our friendship is strong as steel!”

“The 300th anniversary of Ukraine's reunification with Russia. Our strength is in fraternal friendship!”

“We are for friendship and peace! Our ardent greeting is flying around the world! We stand for friendship and peace!”

“Our aim - Communism!”

“Pioneer makes friends with children from all the world's countries”

“Friendship is forever, Friendship is great!”

“Always together!”

“From generation to generation: Strengthen friendship between Soviet peoples!”

“Let Soviet-Mongolian friendship become stronger!”

“Peace! Friendship!”

“Peace will triumph! Youth is singing the song of friendship”

“Long live Soviet-Czechoslovakian friendship!”

“Long live and be stronger the unbreakable friendship and cooperation between the Soviet and Chinese peoples!”

“Indians and Russians are brothers!”

“We will not allow anyone to stoke animosities between nations!” 

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