Russian women of the 1920s (PHOTOS) 

Alexander Rodchenko, Nikolai Petrov/ MAMM/MDF
After the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, many things changed in Russia, including the way people looked and dressed. Let’s take a glimpse at the fashion and outfits in the times of avant-garde art, the first communists and Gatsby-style new economic policy.
A lady with a goldfinch

Two ladies posing in hats

A sex symbol of the Soviet avant-garde - Lilya Brik

Lilya Brik next to her car

A train driver and a woman

First lady, wife of Vladimir Lenin, Nadezhda Krupskaya at her desk

Actress Yevgenia Zhemchuzhnaya in a sport outfit designed by avant-garde artist Varvara Stepanova 

Soviet propaganda theater: Blue Blouse agitation team in ‘Metropoliten’ sideshow costumes
A woman with a dog 

A woman in shorts

A tennis player

A portrait of a young lady in the times of The Soviet New Economic Policy (NEP)

Newlyweds posing

Women posing by the seashore 

A female factory worker

A portrait of a young communist  
Young communists posing

A portrait of a woman on a wooden porch

A female worker haymaking

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