Soviet women of the 1930s (PHOTOS)

Alexander Rodchenko, Ilya Rautenstein/MAMM/MDF
At the height of Stalinism, when collectivization and industrialization were sweeping the USSR, women were expected, above all, to be useful members of society, be it as a laborer, farmhand, or athlete. You won't see many fashionistas in old photos of this time — they were condemned as purveyors of harmful capitalist values.
This is what the first lady — Stalin's wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva (left) — looked like, for example.
Women carrying scarves. Sports parade on Red Square

Komsomol members

Photo reporter Evgenia Lemberg during a shoot at the Dynamo aqua stadium

Clothing and fabric store

Woman in a down scarf

Girl with sunflower

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