20 images of Moscow during WWII (PHOTOS)

Anti-tank obstacles, airships, military equipment — what the Soviet capital looked like during the most destructive war in history.

1. Declaration of the start of the Great Patriotic War on June 22, 1941

2. Gorkogo (now Tverskaya) Street, Moscow’s main thoroughfare, September 1941

3. Distribution of gas masks on Mayakovskaya (now Triumphalnaya) Square, 1941

4. Airship on Pushkin Square, 1941

5. Frontline Moscow. On Mozhaiskoye Highway following to the West, October–December 1941

6. Digging anti-tank ditches outside Moscow, September–October 1941

7. A downed German plane on Sverdlov (now Teatralnaya) Square, 1941

8. Bomb shelter inside Mayakovskaya metro station, 1941

9. Mayakovskaya (now Triumphalnaya) Square

10. Unloading logs, 1941

11. Cycling unit of the people’s volunteer corps outside Moscow, 1941

12. Reserves on their way to the front, 1941

13. Anti-tank obstacles in central Moscow

14. The defense of Moscow. Guarding the capital from enemy air attack

15. Grocery store on Gorkogo (now Tverskaya) Street

16. Parade on Red Square on Nov. 7, 1941, in honor of the anniversary of the October Revolution

17. Column of German prisoners of war outside Belorussky Station, 1944

18. Declaration of Victory. Red Square. 1.55 pm, May 9, 1945

19. Victory Salute, May 9, 1945

20. Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov leads the Victory Parade on June 24, 1945

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