Soviet women of the 1950s (PHOTOS)

Vsevolod Tarasevich/MAMM/MDF; Maria Khartovich/
The end of World War II and the beginning of Khrushchev thaw after Stalin’s death absolutely changed the way how Russian girls dressed and looked.
 Two friends posing
Actress Klara Luchko. At the North River Terminal in Moscow

Actress Irina Mushtakova 

“There is not a single language that Lenin’s immortal works wouldn’t be translated into”

A woman in the kitchen
Friends posing during May 1 celebrations in Moscow

Industrial College students posing
Young doctors in a garden

Women forming a line to an information desk
A woman posing in May in Magnitogorsk 

A female skier posing

A kolkhoz chairwoman inspects a construction site

A May 1 demonstration 
A female welder laughing

Two female worker enjoying an afternoon rest

Two female workers on an oil production platform in Azerbaijan

Young skaters going for a walk

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