Red Heat: These Soviet photos will make you melt!

Valery Ruikovich/MAMM/MDF, Russia Beyond
We know that people usually think that Russia is always freezing cold! But that’s only partly true, because our summers are always hot!

1. Sailors of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea

2. Did you know that camels used to serve in the Soviet Army? A border guard in Soviet Central Asia

3. A shepherd in the Soviet Uzbek Republic

4. Avid chess players on a Crimean beach

5. Anything can become a sunbed 

6. First bikini (and first Spidola radio) spotted!

7. Even the greatest love the sun! Yuri Gagarin on holidays in Sochi

8. These days, swimming in the Moskva River is not safe (and is actually forbidden). But back then...

9. When it’s hot, but you have to work…

10. You can lie under my umbrella!

11. We bet you would do anything for a piece of watermelon when it’s hot...

12. ...and for a glass of water!

13. And we bet you’d even dress like an ordinary Soviet kid!

14. Or simply get naked - a usual countryside outfit! 

15. A ‘shower’ in the office is a nice option for sure - Soviet hydroelectric power station constructors had one!

16. This photo perfectly reflects what summer for Soviet kids looked like

17. All Soviet kids dreamed of becoming pilots or cosmonauts and even ‘trained’ on the beach

18. Red Army swimming championships - anything is better than a wool military suit

19. These Soviet men could easily fit in a Calvin Klein underwear advert, right? 

20. Sailors from the Molotov cruiser taking rest on a beach in Crimea

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