Why the Soviets were proud of their Air Force (PICS)

Soviet propaganda did a perfect job in convincing thousands of young enthusiasts to join the ranks of the Air Force, while elevating the profession to national pride.

“Long live Soviet pilots — proud hawks of our Motherland!”

“Long live the powerful aviation of the socialist country!”

“Who is strong in the air, is strong in general nowadays” Kliment Voroshilov (Marshal of the Soviet Union)

“Long live Soviet pilots — proud hawks of our Motherland!”

“Aerial ramming — a weapon of heroes! Glory to Stalin's hawks — terror of the vultures.”

“Glory to the Soviet Air fleet!”

“The enemy will not get any mercy!”

“Glory to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War! Glory to Stalin’s hawks!”

“I am proud of my son!”

“Glory to Stalin’s hawks!”

“Glory to Stalin’s aviation!”

“Glory to the Soviet people — creators of powerful aviation!”

“Soviet aviation — pride of the people!”

“Long live Stalin’s aviation!”

“To fly higher than anybody, further than anybody, faster than anybody.”

“Soviet aviation — pride of the people!”

“Glory to the Soviet pilots!”

“Our Motherland — the motherland of aviation!”

“Day of Soviet Air Force”

"Be on the alert!”

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