Ethnic diversity of the Russian Empire in faces (PHOTOS)

The archives of the Kunstkamera Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography in St Petersburg contain photographs of members of ethnic groups who lived in Russia at the turn of the 20th century. We present just 20 of the hundreds of different peoples.

1. Russian peasant, Ryazan Province, 1900-1905

2. Belarusian peasants, Mogilev Province, 1903

3. Ukrainian peasant, Chernigov Province, 1900-1905

4. Polish man from Vistula Governorate (modern-day Poland), 1903

5. Karelian peasant from Petrozavodsk (Olonets Province, now the Republic of Karelia), 1900-1905

6. Komi man from Vologda Governorate, 1906

7. Armenian woman from Baku Governorate (modern-day Azerbaijan), 1883

8. Georgian woman from Tiflis Governorate (now Tbilisi, Georgia), late 19th century

9. Avar man from Dagestan, 1883

10. Kabardian man from Kabarda (now the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria), late 19th century

11. Lak man from Dagestan, 1883

12. Kalmyk woman from Astrakhan Governorate, late 19th-early 20th century

13. Tatar man from Kazan Governorate (now the Republic of Tatarstan), 1880

14. Bashkir man from Ufa Governorate (now the Republic of Bashkortostan), 1900-1905

15. Ainu man from Sakhalin Island, late 19th century

16. Mansi woman from Perm Governorate, 1908

17. Itelmen woman from Kamchatka, 1911

18. Tofalar women from Irkutsk Governorate, 1900-1905

19. Tuvans from Uryankhai Territory (now the Republic of Tuva), 1900-1905

20. Evenk (Tungus) men from Trans-Baikal Region, 1912

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