6 living Romanovs you should know about

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The offsprings of the House of Romanov live all around the world. Even though the restoration of the dynasty is impossible, they remain princes and princesses and preserve the heritage of their kin.

1. Andrew Andreevich

Andrew Andreevich Romanoff

UPDATED: Andrew Andreevich Romanoff passed on November 28th, 2021.

Prince Andrew Romanoff (born Andrew Andreevich Romanov; 21 January 1923 – 28 November 2021), a grand-nephew of Nicholas II, and a great-great-grandson of Nicholas I, was the Head of the House of Romanov. His father, Prince Andrei Alexandrovich (1897-1981), left Russia aboard the Royal Navy ship HMS Marlborough in December 1918 and managed to escape the horrors the Revolution visited upon those Romanovs who stayed in Russia.

Prince Andrew was brought up in England. He took part in WWII as a simple sailor, and later emigrated to the USA where he worked as an agronomist, a broker, a real-estate agent, a carpenter, and many other jobs. Prince Andrew became known as an artist, although having no formal art education. He has been married twice and has three children. Andrew Andreevich lived with his wife, the American painter Inez Storer, in Inverness, California.

2. Olga Andreevna

Olga Andreevna (center)

Princess Olga Andreevna (born 8 April 1950) is a half-sister to Prince Andrew Andreevich, and the head of the Romanov Family Association – an organization of legitimate male-line descendants of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia.

Provender, a medieval house on Provender Road. It is now owned by a descendant of the Russian Romanoff family, Princess Olga Romanoff and, with the help of English Heritage and architect Ptolemy Dean, it is being restored to its former glory.

Olga Andreevna was educated privately at Provender House in Kent, England, the 13th century stately home that belonged to her mother. She inherited the mansion and the 30 acre (12 ha) estate in 2000 and raised money to have it restored, then made it partly open to the public.

3. Rostislav Rostislavovich

Rostislav Rostislavovich

Prince Rostislav Rostislavovich Romanov (born 21 May 1985) is currently the vice-president of the Romanov Family Association. He was born and raised in the USA and received an education in art at the University College Falmouth. “My family never taught me that I was a special person. My parents didn't want me to go around talking about myself as a descendant of the Russian tsars,” Rostislav said in an interview.

Prince Rostislav is the only living Romanov who often travels to Russia. He once worked as a designer for the “Raketa” clock factory and designed a watch dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov. He speaks Russian a little (but constantly improves it) and is a Russian Orthodox believer. Given that none of the three sons of the current head of the House of Romanov Andrey Andreevich has male offspring, one day Rostislav is very likely to become the Head of the Romanov family.

Prince Rostislav is the only Romanov who moved back to Russia, even though temporarily. In 2009, he lived in Russia for two years and studied Russian. He currently lives in East Sussex, England.

4. Daniel Joseph Romanoff

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Daniel Joseph Romanoff (born March 19, 1972) was born and raised in the USA. He is the great-grandson of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich (1866-1933).

He graduated from James B. Conant High School in Chicago, then attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a Bachelor of Sciences in Accounting and holds an M.B.A., both with honors, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Daniel Joseph is a member of the Romanov Family Association, and one of the Romanovs who does not use the title of Prince. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

5. Natalia Nikolaevna

Nicola Romanoff, Natalia Romanoff and senator Giuseppe Consolo attend 'Smetti di piangere Penelope' theatre performance premiere at the Ambra Jovinelli theatre

Princess Natalia Nikolaevna Romanova (born in Rome in 1952) is the eldest daughter of Prince Nicholas Romanovich Romanov (1922-2014), former head of the Romanov Family Association. He was the great-great-grandson of Emperor Nicholas I.

In 1973, Natalia Nikolaevna married Giuseppe Consolo (b. 1948), then a scientist and journalist, later – Italian politician, senator and deputy. They had two children, Enzo-Manfredi (1976-1997), who tragically died in 1997, and Nicoletta Consolo (stage name Romanoff) (b. 1979). The family resides in Rome.

6. Nikita Rostislavovich

Nikita Rostislavovich

Prince Nikita Rostislavovich Romanov (born 24 January, 1987) is Rostislav Rostislavovich’s younger brother. He was born in London, after his parents moved to the UK from the United States.

Nikita Rostislavovich is one of the contemporary Romanovs we know very little about. He first visited Russia in 1998, participating in the burial ceremony of the remains of Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Anastasia and their entourage. He graduated from Northumbria University, and now lives in New York, where he works in advertising.

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