The Russian Empire’s FINAL days in PHOTOS

Romanov Collection/Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library/ Yale University
Hordes of people in front of a dilapidated Kremlin, Rasputin surrounded by followers, the syphilis epidemic, tea at the dacha and the storming of the Winter Palace - life of the empire in the final moments of its existence.

1. St. Petersburg’s inhabitants witnessing a solar eclipse

2. Grigoriy Rasputin surrounded by his followers  

3. An Imperial School employee receiving ‘compound  606’ shot to fight syphilis

4. Tea-drinking at the dacha

5. Bringing the catch home after a hunt with the tsar

6. Leo Tolstoy playing chess

7. A car on the streets of Moscow 

8. A hot air balloon

9. Burlak women hauling a barge on the Sura River

10. Teenage builders on Pokrovka Street in Moscow

11. A Moscow market

12. The Romanovs a year before the Revolution 

13. The French Wrestling World Championship 

14. Sailors who switched sides in support of the rebellion in the Catherine Hall of the Tauride Palace

15. Soldiers on their way to quell a rebellion

16. Maria Bochkareva, commander of the Women’s Battalion

17. The forces of the Provisional Government firing at a peaceful demonstration in St. Petersburg

18. The Romanov Sisters contract measles and have to have their heads shaved

19. The Winter Palace after the storming 

20. A protest rally

21. A wedding

22. Celebrating 300 years of the House of Romanov

23. Crowds gathering at the Nikolsky Gate of the Kremlin after the October Revolution

24. The last class of the Smolny Institute for Noble Girls

25. Ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya posing in her home

26. Members of the City Duma at a recruitment point

27. Nicholas II posing at the Tsarskoe Selo estate while under house arrest

28. In the room of a commercial bank’s safety deposit facility

29. A priest at his house in the village

30. A teacher with her students in Ryazan Province

31. Vladimir Lenin speaking at a public meeting

32. The removal of Aleksandr III’s monument

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