Liberated Prague through the eyes of Soviet photographers

After Berlin was liberated and the Third Reich capitulated, the war didn’t finish for Prague, as some German troops remained there. Prague residents began an uprising, while Soviet troops later arrived to help. On May 9, the city’s garrison finally surrendered to the Red Army.

The march-throw of the 63rd Guards Tank Brigade from Berlin to Prague

Fighting on Prague’s streets

A Soviet soldier that made it all way long from Stalingrad to Prague

A Soviet T-34/85 tank in Prague

People cheering in liberated Prague

Locals greeting Soviet tanks

Prague residents greeting Soviet troops 

A Soviet tank with Soviet soldiers passing through the Wenceslas Square in Prague 

Prague on May 9, 1945

Local women and Soviet soldiers posing

Soviet soldiers standing on the Wenceslas Square

Prague citizens and Soviet soldiers celebrating the Victory 

The Soviets posing on the banks of Vltava River in Prague

Prague residents greeting the Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev, one of the commanders who led the city’s liberation

Soviet soldiers marching in Prague

A Soviet soldier playing the accordion for Prague residents

Thankful Prague residents greeting Soviet soldiers

Marshall of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev speaking at a rally in honor of the Soviet Army in Prague

Soviet soldier and artist Nikolai Yakovlev talking to locals 

Funeral procession of Ivan Goncharenko and other Soviet tankmen who died liberating Prague

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