Asia-Pacific Digest: Russian security cooperation with East Asia and TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership Obama Natalia Stapran

Trans-Pacific Partnership Obama Natalia Stapran

Articles and features about Chinese manufacturing units in the Russian Far East, Rosneft’s Indonesia operations, and Russia’s offer to deliver Altai fresh water to Xinjiang were among the Asia-Pacific highlights on

Anti-China rhetoric makes TPP less appealing - Russian expert

Russia’s leading expert on Asia-Pacific trade shares her views on Barack Obama’s opinion piece about the Trans-Pacific Partnership published in the Washington Post

Chinese businesses see Russian Far East as manufacturing hub

China has proposed to move some manufacturing units to the Russian Far East. RBTH discusses the prospects of Sino-Russian cooperation in their border areas with experts.

Why is Mongolian neutrality significant for Russian security

After years of defense collaboration with various international partners, the Mongolian government said it wants to establish an official policy of neutrality. Russia will be following the developments closely.

What Rosneft hopes to achieve in Indonesia

Rosneft, which will develop Pertamina’s refinery in Tuban, is inviting Indonesian companies to invest in oil exploration projects in Russia. An analyst says the overtures to Indonesia are a tactic to push Indian companies to accelerate negotiations for projects in Eastern Siberia.

Russia offers fresh water to China’s Xinjiang

Water from Altai may be delivered to China via Kazakhstan.

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