Omsk residents raise money to launch dramatic cat rescue

Pet spent two days in tree before generous donations helped muster vehicle with hydraulic platform.

Residents of Omsk (Siberia) were so concerned about a cat stuck in a tree that they managed to raise enough money via an online appeal to rent a lorry with a hydraulic arm to rescue the feline.

Locals Evgeny Immel and Anastasia Belozyorova initially noticed the cat and after several unsuccessful attempts to save it posted a plea for help on the VK group “Regik55 Omk” on Nov.3.

"We called the fire department – they said it was not their responsibility - so we asked if any residents had vehicle with a ladder, or was good at climbing trees" wrote Evgeny Immel.

Luckily, several people were so concerned for the animal that they managed to scrape together enough money to rent such a vehicle, enabling rescuers to reach it (as high as the fifth floor) on Nov.5.

An excited crowd welcomed the pussy to safety before it was wrapped in a blanket and taken to a veterinary clinic. Now the second phase of the rescue begins: The search for its owners!

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