Killer coffee and cows: 10 oddities found in Russian apartment blocks

Ever been to a Russian apartment building? If yes, you’ll know what we are talking about. There are often many interesting things to see: Weird neighbors, strange objects, bizarre lifts...

That situation when there are six flats but only five mailboxes…How about this novel solution. Seems like those living in five and six must know each other’s business pretty well.

Russians love art but what would Leonardo Da Vinci think if he saw this?

Some people have the strangest neighbors. Did you know cows can’t walk down the stairs - looks likes this guy is stuck.

Guess what happens when you don’t have a garage - this!

When taking the lift is more like trying to solve a puzzle game.

Number 6, but level 100.

Surely it’s against the law to be driving while you’re this high anyway.

Coffee has never been so dangerous.

If you forget to pay your tax in Russia, don’t: “Hi, Sergei, Where are you? It’s tax. I will find you!”

This is what Sergei should have done - he would not have been found!

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