Those crazy Russians: Epic fails of 2017

Enjoy these epic fails from 2017, served to you straight from the Motherland.

Enjoy these epic fails from 2017, served to you straight from the Motherland.

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They fall on their faces, play with boiling oil, land planes on highways, and do things so stupid that even President Putin laughs. Enjoy these epic fails from 2017, served to you straight from the Motherland.

In Russia, the kitchen is the most favorite place at home. It’s where we cook, eat, receive friends and relatives, talk politics and… conduct experiments. This trick - putting water into boiling oil - is nothing new, but some people just have to learn the hard way.

Playing with boiling oil is a bad idea, but what happens if a kid thinks he can handle a frying pan as well as a chef?

Imagine you had a birthday. Do you expect your parents to bake a cake topped with candles so you can make a nice wish? Forget it. These ‘caring’ Russian parents make their son’s wish come true without a cake:

The birthday boy clearly enjoyed this ‘affectionate’ gift. Unless it was just a strange dream that he had while falling asleep on duty:

Russians have strange luck. This family drives up to a public toilet, and wait, what the heck is this place??? Anyway, they are about to find relief, but it falls apart. They’re safe, but can anyone see another toilet in this apocalyptic landscape?

Russian engineers are world-famous for their genius, but they have their facepalm moments just like everyone else.

The same applies to car mechanics:

And, like everyone else, we love when people fall; just can’t help it:

We love it when something falls out of someone’s hands, especially if it’s a big fat freshly fished dinner:

Nothing is funnier than people falling; well, except maybe some clumsy animals:

Not all animals in Russia are nice, fluffy, and funny. Some look like hellish creatures. Enter this kitchen if you dare:

Are things tough at work? You’re not alone. Even robbers have tough days at ‘work’:

Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto? This guy in Chechnya definitely played a little too much:

Same guy?

Sometimes Russians just keep pushing their luck, and quite often tempt fate a tad too much. What were they hoping for?

Again, cars are sometimes just too difficult to handle:

No matter how tough the assignment, Russian reporters always do their job, even if it takes them into very unexpected places. The reporter said she had an “inexpressible sensation,” whatever that means…

Let’s add some high-profile confusion at the end. The Kremlin announcer handled this rather awkward situation like a boss, and even made President Putin laugh in the process.

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