Kingdom of the Snow Queen: Freezing photos from abandoned house in Yekaterinburg

Demon Antonov & Anastasia Popelskaya
Locals see steam rising from house and investigate, but what they find is beyond their wildest imagination.

A photographer from the Ural city of Yekaterinburg, Anastasia Popelskaya, and her husband Dmitry chanced upon an abandoned house giving off steam – so they investigated. Nothing could prepare them for what they witnessed inside.

Dmitry told local paper (in Russian) that the steam was constantly changing the form of the icy growths.

"We were taking photos for about 40 minutes, until the battery died," he said. "It was interesting to watch how this ‘forest’ was living its own life, how the ‘trees’ were rising and falling and while others grew in their place.”

Check out these photos of the otherworldly scene.  

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