In Yakutia, locals swim and ride bikes despite -60 °C

‘It’s finally getting warmer!’ Siberians enjoy the Russian winter

Locals in one of the coldest towns on the planet - Oymyakon in Siberia - woke up to temperatures of -60 °C on Jan. 15. In the region’s capital, Yakutsk, the mercury dropped below -40 °C but this isn’t stopping people from enjoying the winter, far from it. Instagram posts from the area show that it’s important to see the funny side of the freezing conditions.  

-68 °C in Oymyakon:

“Right now here in Oymyakon the temperature is -56 °C. In the morning it was -60°C. Now we are cleaning the snow from our horses.”

A frost-resistant cyclist:

Winter horses:

The never freezing river of Kuydusun:

Would you like to swim in it?

“This is my true friend. Yesterday it was -50°C in Yakutsk, but I felt it like only -25 °C, there was no wind and yesterday it was really cool! Today it’s getting warmer - just -41°C. The weather is whispering. Hohoho. The summer is soon!”

Locals take photographs near the public thermometer

“It’s -56°C but I like my white snow land!”

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