Having fun in zero gravity: Russian cosmonaut rides a vacuum cleaner

On his third voyage to outer space, Anton Shkaplerov decided to test another mode of flying among the stars.

The commander of the 55th International Space Station expedition, Anton Shkaplerov, made the first-ever flight in history on the back of a vacuum cleaner.

The video, which is set to the sound of R. Kelly's 1996 hit song, "I Believe I Can Fly," was uploaded on Jan. 20 on Shkaplerov's official page in the Russian social network, VK and in Instagram.

The caption says, "We've been frequently asked whether we fly riding the vacuum cleaner in the station? I always had to answer that I haven't tried. But now during the Saturday cleanings, I thought that since it's my third flight - it's time to make a test flight on a cleaner!"

This isn't the first time when cosmonaut Shkaplerov had fun in outer space. To entertain his social media followers, in 2012 he played guitar on the ISS during a New Year's part.

Shkaplerov is leading the ISS expedition that started on Dec. 17, 2017. American Scott Tingle and Japanese Norishige Kanai are on board with him. 

Russians apparently love to dance and take challenges. Another video gone viral features cadets at an elite flight school in the city of Ulyanovsk dancing to Italian DJ Benny Benassi's song, "Satisfaction."

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