‘I can use them as wallpaper’: Top Russian jokes after bitcoin crashed

Bad news keeps coming for bitcoin’s holders

Bad news keeps coming for bitcoin’s holders

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The cryptocurrency has crashed, depreciating by more than half its value - but people are trying to look on the bright side.

Bad news keeps coming for bitcoin’s holders.  On Feb. 6, its plummeted below $6,000. So while the cryptocurrency’s value fell by about 65 percent, investors are trying to keep calm by making light of the situation. Check out these jokes below.

“All of this is certainly fascinating”

“When bitcoin reached 6 [thousand dollars], but you took it for 10, and still keep thinking - sell or wait”

From the “Economy of the Russian Federation”parody Twitter account: “Bitcoin called. There is silence on the phone. Because everything is clear enough.”

“Bitcoin will soon fall so much that it will clash with my self-appraisal”

Pessimists have already figured out what to do with bitcoin now.

“If you don’t need any more of your depreciated bitcoins - just give them to me, I can use them as wallpaper,” one user said and left his wallet number. Others just call it “Wailing CryptoWall.”

“Bitcoin flies beautifully”

“Bitcoin, what’s wrong with you?”

“The harbinger of the fall of bitcoin was mom's request to speak about bitcoin. There is a story about how John F. Kennedy’s father saved his own money during the Great Depression. When his cleaner asked him about the stock forecast, Joseph Kennedy sold all his assets.”  

“Yesterday we managed to save about $ 15,000. I didn’t buy bitcoin.”

And a little something about the general mood:

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