How the Soviet Union slammed America’s faults and shortcomings

Crocodile, 1956, №15
For decades the USSR's satire magazine ‘Crocodile’ poked fun at the dark and unsavory side of Western capitalism. Take a look at these jibes.

1. Unemployment

Equality, the American way.

Unemployment… has overrun its banks. U.S. unemployment reaches its highest level in 40 years.

2. Morals

Upbringing, the Hollywood way. The movie is called Life and Dollar.
“Before the movie: Two tickets, please!” “After the movie: Hands up!”

American morals.

3. Propaganda in the media

In the editorial office of Voice of America: “Jack, it looks like they take your fake news at face value.”

4. Crime

A policeman says to Criminality: “At last, lad, you are in my hands.”

5. Predatory foreign policy and aggressiveness

An American tourist in Europe says: “I am more interested in intact objects.”

Easing of international tensions.

6. Excessive military expenses

U.S. Economy says: “It seems I lose too much weight because of this [Pentagon] hula hoop.”

‘The Capitol’ is a birthing center; Pentagon and Monopolies have a child, military budget. “So huge!” the Pentagon says.

NATO, holding military budget: “Pay up, the Soviet menace threatens you.”

7. Shrinking welfare state

‘Reaganomics’ in action. 
“Assistance to the elderly;” “School breakfasts;” “Education;” “Health Care;” “Building homes for the Poor;” “Unemployment benefits” written in pieces of paper torn apart.

Hospital. “We have started the invigoration of our economy.”

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