10 Soviet-time cartoons proving humor hasn’t changed for 80 years

Here are some pictures published in the 1930s in a Russian-language Latvian magazine. Relations between men and women and life’s amusing little incidents still seem very funny.

– Your heartbeat is very irregular. Do you drink?

– Yes, I do, but very regularly

– Are the other telephones broken?

– No, but this one gives a coin back when you hang up

– Yesterday evening at Ivanov's place was a bit of a damp squib

– You weren’t even invited, by the way

– Excuse me, but didn’t you receive this ribbon in 1918?

– Sure, but didn’t you get your Red Cross in 1920?


– Daddy, who’s heavier, me or our servant Lina?

– Hey, your wife is still talking!

Horse philosophy

Horse: Thank God I’m not married. Can't imagine having to take off my shoes every time I come back home!

– Are children allowed to see this movie?

– Could you at least accompany me out of the forest? I’m afraid of walking alone

– Do you think we'll be in time for the 7 o'clock train?

– Sure! We have almost 24 hours ahead

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