15 incredible photos of everyday Russian life - caught at the very right moment

The ‘Best of Russia’ photo project, unprecedented in scale and covering all regions of the country, takes place annually. Here are some interesting photos documenting events, people, and everything that’s unique about the country.

1. Wings

The believer is praying in the mosque named after Aymani Kadyrova (the mother of the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov), the only mosque in Chechnya, built in high-tech style in the city of Argun, July 25, 2017.

2. Their own ship

A man is having a rest after winter swimming while children in the background are playing with paper ships. Chelyabinsk Region.

3. Walk

Twins with two Dalmatian dogs and a horse, Moscow.

4. Childhood

Every year Lake Karasino near the Artem thermal power plant is covered by a red carpet of flowers, Nelumbo nucifera. Primorsky Territory.

5. Vaccination

The procedure of vaccinating reindeer, Salekhard. The central character is the man with a syringe!

6. Children of the tundra

The child born in the tundra is a nomad by nature. From a young age he understands that life is a continuous movement. Every year Nenets children are taken away to boarding schools for nine months and every time they dream of returning home. Yamal Peninsula, the village of Tazovsky. April 2017.

7. Fragment of the Moscow’s Third Ring Road

The area of the former “Hammer and Sickle” factory, where the next premium residential complex is being built. Located here are several ventilation openings for the Lefortovsky Tunnel.

8. What came first?

A complicated choice in the store, Moscow Region. February 2017.

9. The ship of the snow desert

An actor walks with his pet, Kesha the camel. Shooting an episode about Maslenitsa festivities around Tobolsk Kremlin for Tobol, a historical film. Tumen Region.

10. SUP-addicted

The opening of the 2017 SUP season in Vladivostok. Guys grill meat and shashlik on ice.

11. Spring in the air

A cat is trying to catch the smell of the long awaited spring.

12. Lago-Naki

There is the legend about two lovers, Lago and Naki. Naki, the girl from a noble family fell in love with the shepherd Lago, but their parents were against their relations. They decided to run away together, but Naki’s father sends his people to find his daughter - they chased the lovers to a precipice so Lago and Naki jumped off. Since then the plateau has been called Lago-Naki. Adygeya.

13. On the last floor

We don’t care about where we are, it’s more important who is with us. St. Petersburg.

14. Sun bath

The girl is sunbathing on the breakwater blocks behind the cargo port. Yalta, 2017.

15. Jump rope

“I am flying, like a bird!” Moscow.

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