This Russian kid is living the playboy dream

Sasha Luss
Men, try to look at this kid’s Instagram without getting jealous!

Most men would give their right arm to be in 10-year-old Maxim Datov’s shoes: The Russian youngster is often snapped alongside stunning models. But what’s his secret?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. His mum owns a top model agency and frequently takes her son to work. Not only does he spend the summer surrounded by pretty women, he also rubs shoulders with celebs.

Check out his Instagram, it will make all our male readers green with envy.

1. Maxim, Sasha Luss, and Luc Besson

2. Maxim and model Kris Girikaite

3. Maxim and model Alina Nesvat

4. Maxim and model Alena Vorobeva

5. Maxim with models Lena Dunaevskaya and Anastasia Bezrukova at summer camp

6. Maxim and Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps

7. Maxim and Avant models in Barcelona

8. Maxim with famous Russian models Nastya Sten and Sasha Luss

9. Maxim and Avant models at summer camp

10. Maxim and avangard Russian singer Sergey Shnurov

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