How do you like that, Elon Musk? Part 2

Reuters; Pixabay; Russia Beyond
More impressive, outrageous and weirdly clever Russian ‘inventions’ to make the Tesla founder weep with envy.

I wonder why it’s so chilly today…

You can’t unsee the drill being used that way now. Can a Russian take things even further?

Yes, he most definitely can!

Leaked photos of the Eco-Tesla concept!

“Don’t forget the amount of power consumed by a water boiler is approximately the same as the amount consumed by a kettle.”

D is for Design

Russian double security. There must be state secrets inside that car.

Created in the darkest warehouses of Russian countryside, here's the bike centaur...

Shashlyk level: Grandmaster

Standard tank driver slippers found in every Russian gramps' warehouse...


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