5 Russian Instagram fitness queens

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit are in vogue in Russia. Here are some of the country’s most popular fitness gurus who post blogs, recipes, and workout regimes on social media.

1. Oxana Samoylova

The wife of popular rapper Geegun, Oxana has 7.2 million Instagram followers. She posts snaps of her jet set life, including holidays on yachts, alongside motivational captions claiming everyone can have a dream body.

She frequently shows off her washboard stomach, which is especially impressive given she’s the mother of three girls.

Despite not being a professional athlete she’s created a program providing individual diets and exercise regimes for those who want to keep fit.

"The first Monday of September is the perfect time to start a new life with sport, healthy food, and a beautiful body. If you start now, you will have a dream body for next summer," reads one of her posts.

2. Xenia Sobchak

With 5.7 million Instagram followers and a 2018 presidential bid to her name, Xenia is multitalented. She’s also editor-in-chief of L’Officiel magazine and a TV host.

She also has a scandalous reputation for her many spats with fellow celebrities, and for “fat shaming” people. She’s a big yoga fan - you can tell by looking at thephotos showing her in many different asanas.

Mother of an almost two-year-old son, Xenia thinks everyone should keep fit. “Doing sport everyday – it helps one to think and work better,” she says. 

3. Kate Usmanova

One of the most popular Russian fitness models, she calls herself the “Bootybuilder.” Kate has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, sells workout courses, and has her own fashion label.

She mainly posts photos of her most popular asset: Her booty. It’s obvious that she’s incredibly proud of her shapely behind. She gives advice on training techniques for different body parts, and about carb and protein diets.

In her long instagram posts Kate also philosophizes on different topics, such as self-esteem, competing, and – surprisingly – loneliness.

4. Nastasya Samburskaya

It’s safe to say that this popular sitcom actress is gym addicted! And some of her 9.4 million Instagram don’t hold back when it comes to commenting on her body, saying she’s becoming less and less feminine the more she works out. But Nastasya takes it all in her stride, and often answers her haters with irony.

“I want to see the results in the mirror, and I don’t care if you like me, I want to like myself first of all,” she writes. Nastasya doesn’t support the concept of body positivity. “If you want to accept yourself the way you are, then stop using makeup and dying your hair,” she adds.

The actress advertises various sports brands, and recently became an ambassador for Reebok Russia.

5. Masya Shpak

The real name of this Instagram blogger is Irene Meshchanskaya and she’s the wife of another popular blogger: The “freak” Alexander Shpak, who has completely altered his appearance with plastic surgery. He also wears tights and makeup.

Masya doesn’t hide the fact that she’s also gone under the knife: She has silicon breasts, a big booty, and a sculpted stomach. But she insists her overall look wouldn’t be possible without all the hours she spends in the gym and eating healthy food.

Everyday she shows her two million followers how to “kick ass” from the couch and workout from home. With her husband she shoots healthy video recipes, shows their weight loss results, and answers questions from fans.

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