10 ideas for the perfect fashion shoot in Russia for Vogue and other posh magazines

If you’re looking for a dramatic location for a great photo, our country has it all: Abandoned estates, industrial porn, stunning natural beauty, and loads more.

For this 2018’s September edition of Vogue, models have been photographed in front of typical scenes in the Russian countryside and iconic wooden churches in the village of Chikinskaya, in the Arkhangelsk Region.

In anticipation of an upcoming photographic pilgrimage to Russia as a result, we’ve put together a list of places where you can organize your own fashion shoot, or simply take the ultimate selfie.

1. Artem thermal power plant

Every year Lake Karasino near the Artem thermal power plant in Russia’s Far East is covered with a red carpet of lotus flowers, creating a perfect contrast between the scene’s natural beauty and industrial chic. It only lacks you - a model with the sparkling eyes and the latest Gosha Rubchinskiy T-shirt.

2. Ancient cemetery in the Caucasus region

Can you believe that this place was inhabited by Iranian nomadic people, the Alans, about 2,000 years ago? They left these striking graves. Taking fashion pictures at cemeteries should be next year’s trend!

3. Any birch forest

Russians joke that hugging a birch tree is the most Russian thing to do (also while crying and thinking about the Motherland). Spring in a birch forest when the snow is melting and everything is flooded is the perfect time for dramatic photos with beautiful reflections.

4. Tolbachik Volcano

A checklist for your next luxurious weekend:

  • Travel to Kamchatka
  • Explore its unbridled nature
  • Сlimb a volcano
  • Take the perfect magazine cover shot from the top

5. Soviet bus stop

Photographer Christopher Herwig dedicated years searching for unique, creative bus stops in the post-Soviet space. He found this one in the city of Ivanovo, here are some more options. Show the photographer your most longing stare as if you’re really waiting for the bus.

6. Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric station

This place on the Yenisei River is simply mind-blowing. What a monumental and beautiful industrial setting. It’s perfect for Instagram.

7. Lena Pillars

This place would have been perfect for Game of Thrones, it’s also ideal for your next selfie. What outfit would you wear to compliment the brutal forms of the rocks?

8. Flooded bell tower in the Tver Region

If you liked Vogue’s wooden churches, you’ll definitely be amazed by this background! Abandoned, Orthodox, mysterious… Find the best angle for your shot from the bank, or maybe even from the air?

9. Bykovo Estate in the Moscow Region

Forget white face powder and grey wigs - this abandoned estate once belonging to the noble Vorontsov-Dashkov family looks like it won’t tolerate tracksuits and trainers, but modern fashion is all about the contrasts, isn’t it?

10. In a courtyard of any khrushchevka

Is there anything more Soviet than a khrushchevka courtyard?Just find one of these five-story buildings in Moscow (hurry up, they are being demolished due to the city’s renovation program) or any provincial city. Your perfect, slightly depressing background for a reflective shot is ready.

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