New ‘The Lion King’ film is inspiring Russian Instagramers (and their cats)

Getty Images, Jon Favreau/DISNEY,2019
The hype for the new animation is real, so real in fact that people are playing out scenes with their pets.

If you can’t wait for the remake of the famous TheLion King movie, why not reenact some of the famous scenes with your feline?

Find a ginger cat and tell it to do its best baby lion impression.

Or a grey one.

Let him know that one day he’ll be the king (of your apartment).

There’s only one king in this pad!

The view is better from above.

Some future kings can be a little reluctant...

This stripy Bengal cat looks more like Shere Khan from the Jungle Book than Simba from TheLion King.

“This flat is your kingdom, ginger one!”

“I have my own Simba”

This is by far the most impressive Simba wannabe.

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