What would Trump Tower look like in Moscow? (PHOTOS)

Steve Jurvetson; Global Look Press; Reuters
You might have seen the discontinued Trump Tower Moscow project all over the news recently - again. Well, even though our capital won’t be getting its own golden highrise, we’re not going to just sit quietly and not Photoshop it into every imaginable Moscow skyline!

 1. Moscow City

We’ll start easy. Moscow’s famous business district would make Donald feel right at home. Just look at all that male fertility symbolism on display!

Moscow City

2. Poklonnaya Gora

The Poklonnaya Gora (hill) used to be one of the tallest spots in Moscow, its peak standing at over 170 meters. The famous Victory Park column still rises up over everything. Not anymore!

Poklonnaya Gora

3. The Church of Christ the Savior

 Move over, Jesus!

Christ the Savior Cathedral

4. Red October

Thought nightlife on Balchug Island couldn’t get any more glitzy? Think again. Next to that thing even the iconic ‘Red October’ chocolate factory pales in comparison. It’s Gold October time, baby!

Balchug Island/Red October

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5. VDNKh

We do think the famous park has been losing popularity somewhat in recent years. Deploy Trump Tower!


6. The Moscow Kremlin

 We’ll just leave this here quietly and leave as fast as possible.

The Moscow Kremlin

7. The Bolshoi Theatre

Can a building synonymous with class and a rich history of opera and ballet be outdone? We think you already know the answer to that question! We even did a crappy job putting it in, because once it's in the picture, everything else stops mattering.

Bolshoi Theatre

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