20 weird things Russians searched for online in 2018

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Ever wondered where ‘Seventh Heaven’ is, or what sexual positions friends with benefits practice?

Russian search engine Yandex has put together a list of the weirdest and funniest things that people searched for online in the last 12 months. And there’s something for everyone here.

1. How to rock your cat’s Instagram like a pro

2. How to say you look very nice without a coat in Bulgarian

3. Which kind of sex in particular is usually practiced if you’re "friends with benefits"

4. Why does a human need a cat?

5. Rap song for mother to celebrate International Women’s Day

6. How to take revenge on a Pisces man

7. How to regain your cat’s respect

8. How to get from the butter plant to the seventh heaven (apparently, these are some local landmarks in a small Russian town, with “Seventh Heaven” probably a nightclub)

9. We have bought a puppy, what’s next?

10. Whom shall I pray to so that I can handle anything?

11. Presentation of vegetable shawarma

12. How much is “exactly 4”

13. What does "a penis on the tea leaves” mean?

14. How a dog tricks a zombie video

15. Motivational movies for household chores

16. Why do my curses not work?

17. What does the dream of someone eating pelmeni (dumplings) without you mean?

18. Can I regret that I own a Chihuahua?

19. Photos of girls from Ancient Egypt

20. What can I say instead of “yep”?

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